Harvey, here we come, chocolate, wine, lunch and history!

Mandurah to Harvey Tour has it all. If you are looking for a wonderful tours close to your accommodation has it all. A full day tour that has scenery, chocolates, wines, lunch and finishes with cheese. You can’t go wrong with our Mandurah to Harvey Tour there really is something for everyone.

Mandurah Wine Tours and Charters, specialise in small personalised tours (up to 12 people) to a huge variety of locations and we have larger parties (up to 32) covered as well. Looking for a really special day out, then you have come to the right tour operator; see Shelby our bus for seating details. At Mandurah Wine Tours and Charters, we a range of set tours or we can custom make a tour just for you, craft, food, non drinking just ask call Tracey on 0427 442 781 and discuss your choices.

Here are some other tour ideas. 

Mandurah to Harvey

  • Decadent C’s Chocolate Factory
  • Estuary Drive
  • Thrombolites
  • Lake Clifton Winery (Fruit Wines)
  • Vineyard 28
  • Old Coast Road Brewery lunch and tastings(Friday Saturday and Sunday only).
  • Stirling Cottage, Harvey for lunch (Monday to Thursday) and Harvey Visitors Centre
  • Harvey River Estate
  • The Big Orange
  • Harvey Cheese Factory

Decadent C’s Chocolate Factory

C’s Stands for Chocolate Cake and Coffee.  (every day except Wednesday). Decadent C’s is run by Jenny and Neil Todd. Jenny is the Chocolatier and her daughter Natalia is the Patisserie Cook.

Estuary Drive weaves it’s way through green bushland down along the waters edge following the Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary. A lovely scenic trip.

Lake Clifton Winery (Fruit Wines)

Lake Clifton Winery is different from your average winery, it is a fruit winery. The winery is famous for its Mango Wine and has a range of other wines made from Passionfruit, Apricot, Strawberry, Ginger and Mulberry, along with White Port and Plum Port

Old Coast Road Brewery

lunch and tastings (Friday Saturday and Sunday only). Old Coast Road beers, each beer recipe has taken Andrew Harris the brewer, over two years to formulate, test, hone, retest and finalise. He selects only the best and freshest ingredients and specifically avoided any artificial preservatives and other chemical agents in the making of our beers. The beer will be served directly from one of his brewing vats and will go into your glass as fresh as the day it was made.

Harvey River Estate

Harvey River Estate has a selective group of small growers that supply fruit for their expanding range of labels which include Billy Goat Hill Estate, Joseph River Estate, and Stone Gully. The principle varieties used are Chardonnay, Semillon, Verdelho, Cabernet, Shiraz and Merlot. More recently, a premium cider range has been added to our extensive wine portfolio, utilising the availability of our fresh fruit juice varieties.


Thrombolites are a part of Yalgorup National Park, they are a rare and extremely primitive life form. Thrombolites consist of single-celled bacteria that deposit layers of silt and calcium that slowly grow into rounded rocks. Scientists believe these are relics from a long time ago and were the earliest form of life on earth and the origins of oxygen in the atmosphere. They are mostly extinct now and exist only as fossils with very few living examples still growing in the world.

Vineyard 28

Vineyard 28 is boutique vineyard and winery, where they grow a variety of wine grapes that they are passionate about and take pleasure making wine from them for you. Vineyard 28 specialises in Italian alternative varieties of wine alongside the more traditional range; giving a great depth of choice and something for everyone. Not into wines? The cellar door at the winery is always brimming with colour, creativity, warmth and passion with quilts and art on display and for sale.

Harvey for lunch Monday to Thursday and Harvey Visitors Centre
Stirling Cottage was built by convicts in mid 1800’s, for Western Australia’s first Governor, Governor James Stirling. The cottage is built on the banks of Harvey River and features a shingled roof and ‘pit-sawn’ jarrah walls with hexagonal-shaped paving blocks fitted together to form firm flooring. The original paving block can be still seen in the Cottage’s history room today.

The Big Orange

The Big Orange opened in 1980 and stands 15 metres in height, with a diameter of 12 metres. It is said to be the "biggest fruit" in Australia with a magnificent lookout.

Harvey Cheese Factory

Harvey Cheese is gourmet cheese factory where all the cheeses are hand crafted. These delicious cheeses have a fresh creamy flavour, are soft with great a moist texture and have a low salt content. Cheese tastings are available. They also have a viewing room. You can also buy your favourite to take back with you.

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